Mike's Basement Cleanout: Accessories

(Last updated: 2016-11-20)

These are the accessories in the stash. Please see the main page for information on how to contact me if you are interested in something.

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($5) Belkin Null Modem Cable (New)

Belkin Pro Series 6 foot Serial Null Modem Cable F2L044-06. Sold as a serial printer cable or use as a null modem cable to connect two computers. Connectors are DB9 female and DB25 male. New in original unopened packaging.

($5) IBM RS/6000 serial port cable (00G0943)

Part number: 00G0943

This is a serial port cable for early RS/6000s which used a square connector on the machine instead of the usual DB series connector. It is in good condition but it is untested. (Cables are generally not a risky item.)

I bought this for possible use on a PCjr which shares the same connector style. But the PCjr serial port has 16 pins while this cable only has 10 and I really don't want to cut this up to adapt it for something else.



($8) IBM DB15 to Twinax adapter (dual port)

This is a two port Twinax adapter possibly for an IBM System/36 or an early AS/400. I am not entirely sure because I never used it. Unlike any other IBM gear that I have ever seen, there are no model numbers or markings other than for the port numbers next to each Twinax port. Therefore, it might not even be from IBM. However it is well built and heavy enough to use as a weapon, so it probably is from IBM. It also appears to be very old.

The physical condition is reasonable. One of the TwinAx connectors is not perfect - it is missing the semi-fixed guide pin that locks the male part of the plug in place. I don't think it is required though; it is keyed and the outside is still threaded. There are some paint marks on it.

This was in a junk box, a reminder of my days as an AS/400 OS developer.

($4) IBM Earbuds - Horrible Sound Quality

I don't know why I am listing this - perhaps spite mixed with a little humor. So I hope you enjoy. But please don't buy it unless you need a gag gift.

For your consideration - a pair of IBM earbud style headphones. These were given to me as part of the IBM "Thanks!" award program, where IBMers could recognize other IBMers going above and beyond the call of duty. You were allowed to give away up to twelve Thanks! awards per year, but only allowed to receive three. (Go do the math.) The nominal value of each item was $25. IBM did away with the Thanks! award program in 2009 or 2010.

I can't remember what I did to deserve these but trust me, when somebody says "It's the thought that matters" that is all I think about when I look at these. The sender generally did not choose the award; you would get to pick your own gift. I picked poorly - these things are terrible. Do not attempt to use them to reproduce music. You would be better off using two tin cans and twine to transmit sound waves. Worse, unlike normal earbuds these are freakishly large - check out the cones that the earbuds attach to!

They are new, but opened and tested for about 5 seconds. That was all that I could stand before my ear drums started to bleed and I went unconscious. There is a nice carry pouch which is probably worth more than the earbuds. There are also two unopened adapters which probably work just fine - I mean, how badly can somebody screw up an adapter? (Maybe I should not ask questions I don't want to know the answers to.)

If you buy these there is absolutely no warranty and no returns. I already told you they can not reproduce music to an acceptable standard, and believe me, I relaxed my standards a lot. But they do have the nice presentation box (genuine cardboard), the carry pouch (pleather? Some other synthetic material?), and the two adapters. And yes, the IBM name is clear on the pouch but not on the earbuds.

The price is negotiable .. make an offer!