Mike's Basement Cleanout: Make an Offer

(Last updated: 2016-11-20)

These are the items that I don't know how to price, or that will be recycled soon if I can't find a home for them. They might work as they are, or with minor repairs - I have tried my tricks to make them work and they are either beyond my ability or my interest. Make me an offer! (I'm very hard to insult so don't be shy ...)

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($Make an Offer) IBM 7855-10 Modem - Not working

This was an incredibly advanced modem at the time, often used with the AS/400 mini-computer. It is capable of asych and sync communications, has loads of customizations, and can connect to strange network types that I have never used via the LL (Leased Line) and PSN (Packet Switched Network) ports on the back. POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is also supported, of course.

This unit powers up but it is not working correctly. You should be able to press the front panel buttons to get its attention, but it is not responding. I used it in the mid 1990s with a 386-40 PC to connect to my employer's network as part of a home terminal program, and when that program was terminated I was able to buy the modem. And it really irritates me that it "almost" works now because I would have liked to have played with it again. This might be just a matter of old/bad capacitors.

Included with the modem are the original IBM tagged phone/network cables and two wrap plugs that are probably used for diagnostics.


($Make an Offer) Hayes Smartmodem 1200 external - Not working

This is a classic Hayes Smartmodem 1200 from the early 1980s. It does not power up. I examined the only component that looks to be a fuse and it is intact; there is no other visible problem on the circuit boards so I have no idea what is going on. If you can diagnose it and fix it then you can have it! Or if you just want to use it as a prop in your office it will do that too ...  This might be just a matter of old/bad capacitors.

This is sold without the power supply - I have my original personal Hayes 1200 and I used that power supply to test this one. (And yes, the power supply is good ...)

Extra pictures are attached so you can see what you are up against.




($Make an Offer) Computer-Mate Dust Cover for Apple Dual Disk II, III

I never understood dust covers and yet I find myself here with some still in the bag that looks to be 30+ years old. I should just throw this out - make me an offer instead.

Computer-Mate Apple II Disk dust cover, front    Computer-Mate Apple II Disk dust cover, back

($Make an Offer) IBM Logo Digital Clock - Almost Working

I worked for IBM a very long time. This was one of the low-budget 'Thanks' type awards that one could get from another employee. (They would say 'Thanks' for something, and then you would pick from a small catalog of items.)

This one has a dodgy display. If you know what to do to make it work again then this is for you. (Usually it is the leads to the LCD that have gone bad, and I've never been able to work around a problem like that.)

($Make an Offer) Monitor tilt/swivel bases

An old CRT monitor died on me and this was the only part that looked useful when it came time to recycle it. Eight years later I was probably wrong as I still have not found a use for it. If you can adapt it to another monitor (or something else) then let me know. Otherwise, it will get recycled the next time I do electronics recycling. The friction of the tilt and swivel is adjustable and it is large enough to hold a 19" monitor.


Look - I found a second one! This one is not as large - it might have held a 17" monitor: