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Family stuff:

Daisy's web page - Vital statistics for Daisy Brutman
Mini's web page - Vital statistics for Mini Brutman
Bea's web page - Vital statistics for Bea Brutman
Biggie's web page - Vital statistics for Biggie Brutman

Flying - my adventures in flying

Techie topics:

Mike's PCjr Page - Yes, I'm an expert on the IBM PCjr. I like them. I like them alot ...
jrIDE - A modern IDE hard drive adapter and memory upgrade for the PCjr

mTCP - A small high performance TCP/IP stack for 8088 class machines including DHCP, FTP, IRC, Telnet, SNTP, etc.
DOS Networking with packet drivers - an introduction to TCP/IP and packet drivers for DOS machines
Wireless Networking for Classic Machines - an inexpensive and simple way to run old machines on modern wireless networks
Notes on the Xircom PE3 Ethernet adapter - a great device for quickly adding Ethernet to nearly any classic PC

Mike's online garage sale: Help me clean thin out the vintage computer collection !
Main page - Books, software, manuals, and miscellaneous items
Hardware - Keyboards, floppy drives, PCjr sidecars, joysticks, old Thinkpad stuff, ISA cards, SCSI adapters, etc.
Accessories - Cables, adapters, etc.
Last Chance/Make an Offer - Stuff that is getting recycled first - too cheap to price!

Other fun topics:
Reading Cassette Data Waveforms - see your data!
IBM LPFK on a serial port - How to interface an IBM LPFK 6094-020 to a PC
IBM PC Keyboard Plug Repair - How to repair a common problem with the DIN connector on the original IBM PC 5150
The Bernoulli Box A220H - 1987 storage technology restored and running again!
Mouse Systems Optical Mouse - early 1980s optical mouse technology!
Upgrading an IBM L40SX to an SSD - upgrading a 1991 laptop to the latest in storage tech!
Device Driver Collection - my private stash of device drivers for older hardware

My professional life:

My resume (over three years out of date now ... find me on LinkedIn if you are curious)
Projects - Things I have worked on that escaped the lab ...

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