Redwing, MN (2005-07-20)

These pictures were taken near Redwing, MN on 2005-07-20.

The flight originated from Rochester, MN (RST) where we flew northeast to Redwing. After overflying Redwing we turned southest to fly down the Mississippi River valley to LaCrosse, WI (LSE) where we stopped for a quick breather. Then it was back to Rochester again.

The airplane for the trip was a Cessna 172M (SkyHawk), N9853Q. At the time this was all I was checked out in, being a newish pilot.

In this picture the plane is flying SE toward LaCrosse, WI. Below is the Mississippi River and Wisconsin. The cloud deck was at about 3500 AGL, but it off to the east and well clear of us.

In this next picture we are in the same area, looking out straight over the nose.  The spinning propeller is visible, as are both the Minnesota and Wisconsin sides of the river.

And finally, a view out the right side of the airplane. The prehistoric (and still working) ADF and DME equipment are visible in the panel. (Our primary instrumentation was a Garmin 430, which I used mostly for communications, not the moving map display. I was flying this one using pilotage.)

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