Rochester, MN (2005-08-22)

These pictures were taken by Bob Nelson as I flew Archer N8119B around the Rochester area.

As a VFR pilot I don't get to see the tops of clouds very often, so this was a fun flight. We found a large enough hole to spiral up through, allowing us a rare peek 'on top'. It's amazing how disoriented you can become without your visual landmarks on the ground. Even though this was strictly a VFR flight, we used radio instruments exclusively until we got back down under the clouds.

Above the clouds

Over the nose of N8119B. In this picture we are descending back under the cloud deck, which was at about 6000 feet AGL (above ground level).

Over the nose

Everybody likes to see their house from the air. This picture is kind of fun because we caught somebody mowing their lawn, and they were only half way through. (Look for diagonal lines in the grass toward the center of the picture.)

Bob's Neighborhood

In this picture we are northeast of downtown Rochester, MN looking toward the southwest. The Mayo Clinic complex is clearly visible, as is Silver Lake, the Rochester Public Utilities power plant, the Mayo Civic Center, and the Apache Mall. It was a cloudy day except for our one big hole in the clouds. The Apache Mall is in sunlight, while the rest of the area is darker due to the clouds.

Flying over downtown Rochester, MN

Another view of the same. Toward the upper right corner of the picture the St. Mary's Hospital complex is visible. Mayo Field is visible in the center of the picture.

Flying over downtown Rochester, MN

While getting ready for final approach we passed over my neighborhood. My house isn't visible in this picture, but it is just a few blocks away. Broadway is visible below. We are at about 1500 feet above the ground in this picture.


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