Rochester, MN (2005-11-11)

In these pictures I am a passenger in Jeff Ceason's Cessna C150. Jeff had been working on it for a bit and finally decided to fly it to Rochester, MN (RST) from LaCrosse, WI (LSE) to show off.

Shortly after takeoff from RST, heading west and looking north.

I purposely included the wheel pant (cover) in this picture to give you an idea of how close to the action you are in a plane like this. This is still very shortly after takeoff, and the C150 isn't entirely happy being at its weight limit. (Note to self - lose 20 pounds.)

There is no shortage of emergency landing locations in the midwest ... Downtown Rochester is faintly visible in the distance.

Looking out over Byron, MN.

Looking out over Byron, MN

A good view of the Dodge Center Airport (KTOB). We flew over but didn't land. I've made quite a few takeoffs and landings there.

Dodge Center (KTOB)

This picture was taken over a newer neighborhood on the west side of Rochester. The afternoon sun is confusing the heck out of the camera.

Time to get back to the airport. Sunset is approaching, and Jeff still needs to get back to LSE at a reasonable time.

In this picture Jeff is executing some 30 degree turns while I shoot pictures of the IBM complex, Home Depot, and the roof of Target.

Another view of the same. Home Depot is directly below. (Hint - look for orange.) Hwy 52 and 41st Street NW are visible in the upper left corner, and Chipotle (my latest addiction) is visible at the upper center.

The IBM complex and Hwy 52 as seen from the south.

The sun is setting quickly and it's being obscured by clouds too. In the distance you can see Rochester International Airport (RST). We'll be landing on runway 20, which is aligned 'up and down' in this picture.


On the ground again. Jeff (in the picture) flew back to LaCrosse a few minutes later.

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