Eau Claire, WI (2006-09-30)

This was the classic $100 hamburger trip, except it's more like $200 now. Sin is expensive.

The flight plan took us direct from KRST to KEAU. On the way home we took the scenic route, flying from KEAU to KONA, then to KLSE, and finally back to KRST.

Just a little after take-off from home base (KRST), flying northeast over Rochester, MN.

The view from the back seat of the plane. :-)

Approaching Wabasha, MN on a northeast heading. Wabasha is on the Mississippi River, which is in view.

After lunch, and getting ready to head home. The fair weather cumulus clouds are pretty, but also promise a bumpy ride home if we stay below them.

Heading south over Eau Claire, WI.

Clouds .. fair weather cumulus against high cirrus clouds.

Another nice set of clouds.

My instructors keep echoing in my head ... 'Eyes outside the plane!'

Terrain back on the Wisconsin side of the river.

More of Wisconsin. We are flying southwest, approaching Winona, MN.

More of the bluffs along the Mississippi River.

Back home ... the flight isn't done until the plane is back in the hangar and the bugs are washed off.

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