Austin, TX (2007-01-28)

I was in Austin for two weeks while and knew ahead of time that I would be there over a weekend. So why not see some of the area by air? (Because it is darn expensive, but that's another story!) Anyway, I did it, and I had a great time ..

Austin-Bergstrom is the main airport in the area, and it's a fairly busy class C so I didn't bother with it. Instead I travelled north to Georgetown (KGTU) to find an airplane. Wright Aviation is where I went, and I highly recommend them.

Of course nobody lets a stranger fly off with one of their airplanes on first sight, so I had to have a checkout from an instructor. After a bit of time on the ground and a workout in the air I was pronounced relatively safe to fly and was allowed to take N739ZY out for my own. I met a friend I was travelling with that week, and we headed west.

The ride wasn't very long - I just wanted to see something a little different. We went from Georgetown (KGTU) southwest to Lakeway (3R9), then west to Llano (AQO), and then back to Georgetown. (Here is the sectional if you want to follow along.) The total trip was around 1.5 hours long.

Mansfield Dam on Lake Travis, Austin, TX

Lakeway Airport on the Colorado River

The Colorado River - The weather is drier than usual.

No trip in a Cessna is complete without a picture under the wing showing the strut.

A little west of Georgetown, heading home.

Back at home, nothing bent. A good landing is one that you walk away from, a great landing is when you can reuse the airplane!

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