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The IBM PCjr is a personal computer introduced in 1983 and sold through 1985. It had some nice features that other computers did not have at the time, but it was not compatible enough with the rest of the IBM PC family to be successful as a pure PC clone, and initially it was too expensive to compete against "home" machines such as the Apple ][ and the Commodore 64. As a result, the IBM PCjr did not sell well and it is considered to be one of the bigger flops in the industry.

I still like mine though. These web pages are an attempt to preserve the history and technical information of the IBM PCjr.

If you have questions or comments, please email me at mbbrutman at gmail.com. Please, no spam or unreasonable requests. I am interested in hearing your stories about the PCjr and meeting other owners of these fascinating machines.

Topics/Sub Pages
Software Downloads
Keyboard Differences Chart
Keyboard Handling (Advanced)
Cartridge and ROM Dumping
Tips and Tricks
Resources and Links
Pictures 2: Covers Off!
Pictures 3: Magazine Ads
Pictures 4: Oddities
The PCjr Press Kit
PCjr Sales/Service Training

Options and Accessories
PC Compact Printer
Legacy Tech Expansion Chassis
SPC Diskitjr hard drive controller
Modifications and Hacks Overview
Upgrading a printer sidecar to bidirectional
Changing a printer sidecar to be LPT2
Adding the Dallas 1216E Clock chip
PCjr Bus to ISA Bus Adapter Pinout
PCjr Combocard

jrIDE IDE and memory sidecar
Patching DOS 5 (and up) for the PCjr

The PCjr Web Server

 PCjr Web Forum! 

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