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As much as I hate to do this, here is the standard disclaimer:
  • I am providing these downloads as a convenience.  Use at your own risk.  I am not responsible for anything (good or bad) that happens.
  • If you are the author or copyright holder of a file appearing on this page, please let me know so that I can give you proper credit.  If you do not want your file to appear here, please let me know.
And now onto business ...

This page has some useful downloads.  Some of this software may work on a PC as well.  If you know of other PCjr software that belongs here, let me know.  I am not going to run a DOS shareware site or an abandonware site - if you need other programs to use on your PCjr, you are on your own.  No commercial software or copyrighted software (where the owner objects) will appear here.

Filename Size Jr
21patch.zip 3377
Patches for bugs in IBM DOS 2.10. Includes a PCjr specific NMI patch for keyboard handling
alter.zip 2316
Alter file attributes of DOS files. (Not PCjr specific)
ascii.zip 360
Scan files for human readable strings. (Not PCjr specific)
basuprot.zip 798
Unprotect BASIC programs that were saved as 'protected'
blankjr.zip 458 Y Screen blanker
blinkjr.zip 7461 Y Small program to cure screen problems related to blinking characters;
comswap.zip 1877 Y Fix PCjr COM port assignments when the internal modem is not installed
daed.zip 27354
Small but excellent text editor
dev.zip 973
Show installed DOS device drivers
dirmagic.zip 9288
Old PC Magazine directory utility. (Not PCjr specific)
ditu.zip 14102
Excellent disk image utility.  Be sure to look at DskImage as well.  (See below)
dosknows.zip 2756
Tells interesting information obtained by DOS interrupt calls
dots-2.bas 2193 Y Demonstrates the speech adapter sidecar.
ds1216e.zip 16189
Driver software for Dallas DS1216E clock chip.
dskimage.zip 14543
Disk image utility with improved error handling. See http://www.brutman.com/DskImage/ for details.
jr-draw.zip 4443 Y Drawing program done in Cartridge BASIC
jrconfig.zip 29172 Y The ultimate PCjr device driver - sets up extra memory and more. Version 2.14
jrcfg310.zip 29826 Y The ultimate PCjr device driver - sets up extra memory and more. Version 3.10
lptx.zip 4535
Printer capture utility; good if you don't have a printer
md5.exe 19415
md5sum utility to "fingerprint" files (Original source: http://www.shen.myby.co.uk/threel/tech/tools/md5.htm)
memmap.zip 8490
Shows how memory has been allocated
mips.com 13312
Shows relative speed of your machine compared to an IBM PC, AT, or Compaq 386
parallel.bas 772
Small BASIC program to detect if you have a bi-directional parallel port
pc-talk.zip 16974
The original terminal program for PCs
pcjrcart.zip 12452
Cartridge and ROM BIOS extension utility; finds and writes to disk.  Version 1.1
pdtrek25.zip 30307
Addicting game ...
refresh.zip 1698
Helps diskettes that are having reading problems by rewriting the bad sectors.
steprate.zip 4167
Adjust the stepping rate of your drives (if your drives are noisy this can help)
strings.bas 708 Y Simple BASIC program that demonstrates PCjr extended video
Radio Shack SmartWatch driver software for Dallas DS1216E clock chip.

Microsoft_Booster.zip 181907 Y Microsoft device drivers and software for the Microsoft Booster sidecar
Rapport_v1.0.zip 7361 Y Racore utilities version 1.0
Tecmar_Treasure_Chest_v14.zip 78679 Y Tecmar device drivers and software for their PCjr products

Created in November 2000, Last updated May 3rd, 2020
(C)opyright Michael B. Brutman, mbbrutman at gmail.com

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