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PCjr Keyboard Differences Chart

From the IBM PCjr Guide to Operations, IBM

IBM Personal Computer
Keys and Key Combinations
PCjr Keyboard Equivalent Keys and Key Combinations
F1 Fn then F1
F2 Fn then F2
F3 Fn then F3
F4 Fn then F4
F5 Fn then F5
F6 Fn then F6
F7 Fn then F7
F8 Fn then F8
F9 Fn then F9
F10 Fn then F10
Shift/F1 thru F10 Hold Shift Press Fn then F1 thru F10
Ctrl/F1 thru F10 Hold Ctrl Press Fn then F1 thru F10
Alt/F1 thru F10 Hold Alt Press Fn then F1 thru F10
Ctrl/Break (or Break) Fn then Break
Ctrl/End Ctrl with Fn then End
Ctrl/PrtSc (Echo Print) Fn then Echo
Ctrl/Home Ctrl with Fn then Home
Ctrl/Num Lock (Pause) Fn then Pause
Ctrl/PgDn Ctrl with Fn then PgDn
Ctrl/PgUp Ctrl with Fn then PgUp
Shift/PrtSc (Print Screen) Fn then PrtSc
Scroll Lock Fn then ScLock
Num Lock Hold Alt Press Fn then N
PgUp Fn then PgUp
PgDn Fn then PgDn
Home Fn then Home
End Fn then End
\ Alt with /
` Alt with '
| Alt with [
~ Alt with ]
All 256 extended codes Num Lock Hold Alt then Numeric Value

PCjr Chicklet keyboard diagram
Above: PCjr Keyboard (Chiclet Version)

Below: IBM PC 5150 Keyboard
IBM PC 5150 keyboard diagram
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