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PCjr Pictures, Set 2: Covers Off

This section has two detailed pictures of the guts of a PCjr.

Picture 1: Open Case

I love hardware.  Here is a  picture of the silicon, plastic, and metal that makes a PCjr.
PCjr with the top cover removed

Source: M. Brutman, 2005

This PCjr has all of the installable options, except for an internal modem.  The empty slot is visible toward the center of the picture.  Unlike modern PCs, there is no corner or boxed-in area set aside for the power supply.  It is on the leftmost card, and it plugs directly into the motherboard.  A black cable feeds the optional diskette drive, and the red and blue wires (sorry about the image quality) feed the fan that is integral do the diskette drive.

This PCjr has three expansion sidecars on it - a memory sidecar, a printer sidecar, and the speech adapter.

Picture 2: Open Case, Motherboard only

Here is the same machine, with everything removed from it:

PCjr case and motherboard
Source: M. Brutman, 2000

This particular machine is a later version; it has an AMD D8088 soldered to the motherboard, instead of an Intel 8088 sitting in a socket.  (AMD made the D8088 under license from Intel.)  Most of the components are fairly discrete - motherboards of this era did not have a lot of integrated "super chips" on them.

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