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PCjr Pictures, Set 4:
Swag and Oddities

I did not quite know where to stick these pictures - they were just too strange for the other pages. They show the "human" side of computing ... you'll see what I mean shortly.

PCjr Magazine (February 1984 - October 1984)
PCjr Magazine Vol 1 No 1 Cover

PCjr Magazine was created quickly for the new IBM PCjr, and it died even faster. This is a scan of the front cover, which folded out. (The backside of the cover was an add for Amdek monitors, one of which I used on my PCjr.)

Who on Earth designed this cover? It's scary.

The magazine wasn't known for it's hard hitting technical content. Then again, the typical PCjr owner wasn't there either.

The funniest thing about the first edition of a magazine for a new hardware platform is the advertising - almost none of it is PCjr specific because nobody has had any time to develop products for the PCjr. The few ads that do mention the PCjr talk about upcoming products, and have no pictures of course.

The Nuclear PCjr Family

This is from a postcard, probably distributed by IBM. It shows a happy family with a PCjr at the center of the picture. The PCjr is the expanded model with the original chiclet keyboard. The monitor looks to be an IBM CGA monitor, not the PCjr monitor. Everybody is happy. Need I say more?

(Pictures of my PCjr wouldn't look like this. They would feature a 13 year old strung out on potato chips rummaging though the IBM PCjr Technical Reference manual trying to figure out how to squeeze more performance out of the machine, or how to manipulate the modem by doing INs and OUTs on the ports directly.)

PCjr advertising postcard

The PCjr Bottle Opener and Coaster Set

This set was made and distributed in Canada. (Thanks to L Gonsalves for pointing out that the opener and the coasters were a set - I had always thought that they were separate.)

PCjr keyboard bottle opener PCjr Coaster Set (closed) PCjr Coaster Set (open)

"Your PCjr family computer is on the way"

Another Canadian advertising item for the PCjr. I assume that if you were on the waiting list for a PCjr or were waiting for shipment that you might have gotten one of these.

The PCjr Puzzle

PCjr jigsaw puzzle

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