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IBM PCjr Press Kit

Right before the announce of any significant product the manufacturer might prepare a kit containing photographs, press releases, etc. IBM prepared a press kit for the PCjr that included the following:
  • Two large black and white photographs featuring people using the PCjr.
  • Two color slides, one featuring the PCjr on a white table with the customary Charlie Chaplin rose and the other showing the PCjr in use in a school setting.
  • Multiple press releases, extolling the virtues of the PCjr as "a versatile learning aid", as IBM's "newest, most affordable personal computer", and as bringing "advanced features to family computing."
  • A technical fact sheet that described the machine it fairly low level detail, including thins like the ROM access time, the length of the power cord, etc.
I obtained this copy of the press kit from Stan Veit, who was the Technical Editor at "Computers and Electronics", a Ziff Davis publication.

At the moment I've only scanned the two large pictures from the kit. I'll be scanning the rest as I find time. (I also need to find a decent slide scanner for the two color slides that were part of the kit.)

Business woman using a PCjr

Some interesting things to note in the picture:
  • The monitor featured is the IBM 5153 CGA monitor, which was sold for use with the PC. All early promotional pictures for the PCjr feature this monitor. Apparently the PCjr color monitor was not ready for the product launch. If placed on top of the PCjr, it might not fit and it would definitely drive the diskette drive nuts with RFI.
  • This machine features the original Chiclet keyboard, and it is being used without the keyboard cord. That requires that the machine be in 'line of sight' of the keyboard.
  • This machine features the parallel printer sidecar, connected to an IBM Graphics Printer. The IBM Compact Printer is featured in the press kit, but probably is not featured here because it would not have been suitable for business use.

PCjr in a classroom setting

And in this picture ...
  • Once again, the IBM 5153 Color monitor is prominently features to the side of the machine. The PC 5150 in back has the monitor on top of the system unit.
  • Keyboard cords are being used in the school environment. Can you imagine the inteference generated by a room full of cordless keyboards?

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