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The IBM PCjr was first shipped over 30 years ago and was discontinued in 1985 after becoming a commercial failure. As was standard IBM policy at the time, IBM provided hardware support for another five years after that. Obviously there is no official support anymore; support comes from your like minded vintage computer collectors.

First off, be gentle! These are antiques! I have enough machines where I don't have to worry about destroying anything but I am still ridiculously careful with them.

Here are some useful links:

Mike's PCjr Page Forum (https://www.brutman.com/forums)

I should have provided a web forum to augment these pages years ago, and now I finally have! This is a low traffic, but high signal-to-noise ratio web forum.

The Vintage Computer Federation Forums (http://www.vcfed.org/forum/forum.php)

An excellent resource for anybody interested in any vintage computer!

OldSkool.Org (http://www.oldskool.org/)

This web site has more information about the PCjr, and about the Tandy 1000 which is a close relative of the PCjr. The author is a confessed closet PCjr enthusiast.

Computer Reset (http://www.c-reset.com/)

Computer Reset has been supporting the PCjr and other vintage hardware since at least the late 80's, and you can still purchase PCjr parts from them today. Richard has been great to deal with over the past few years.

This wonderful little device driver lets you use an old parallel port Iomega Zip 100 on your machine with a DOS version as primitive as DOS 2.1. It has very low memory requirements (3KB), works on many different machines, and of course works very well on a PCjr. A demonstration copy is available; a license is very reasonable.

PC Enterprises (http://www.pcenterprises.com/catjr/default.htm) (Historical snapshot via archive.org)

If you needed it for your PCjr, these guys made it! They custom designed SCSI adapters, memory boards, and all sorts of upgrades for the PCjr. They supported the PCjr well into the late 90s. Some of their upgrades are the rarest and most coveted PCjr add-ons ever, including the SCSI cards/sidecars, VGA sidecar, sound sidecars, motherboard modifications, etc.

IBM Canada PCjr Page (http://www.can.ibm.com/helpware/4860.html) (Historical snapshot via archive.org)

A basic web page showing the history and specifications of the PCjr.

If you know of a good link for PCjr hardware or software, please email me and I will post it here.

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