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PCjr Sales/Service Training

To help ensure that the PCjr was a success IBM developed a sales and service training kit. The kit consisted of the following:
  • A VHS tape that introduced IBM sales people to the PCjr.
  • A booklet ("PCjr Training Guide") to explain how to use the training materials.
  • A booklet ("PCjr Service Training") to explain how to perform basic diagnostics and service.
  • A diskette with a training program on it.
  • A diskette that let you "practice" your new skills.
The video is difficult to watch because, well, it is just a terrible concept and performance. Imagine using Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" to teach people how to sell a new home computer. You get the idea. The computer programs are written in interpreted BASIC which is not known for its performance. It is hard to believe that this was the state of things in 1983.

Are you interested in learning how to sell a PCjr to somebody today? If so, you are in luck! Here is what you need:
(Thanks to Gene Toye for providing the PDFs.)

The diskette images are standard sector-by-sector dumps compatible with rawrite, Linux dd, and Winimage. On DOS machines I use DskImage (available from the software downloads page). To restore the disk images using DskImage:
  • Transfer the images to your DOS machine. (You will have to rename the images to meet the DOS 8.3 filename requirement.)
  • Format one diskette normally as a 360KB diskette and another diskette using the "/1" option to format it as a single sided diskette.
  • Writing the training program image: dskimage train.dsk 0:40:2:9 to write the 360KB (double sided) image.
  • Writing the practice program image: dskimage practice.dsk 0:40:1:9 to write the 180KB (single sided) image.
  • The programs require a PCjr with cartridge BASIC.
  • I have not been able to get them to run cleanly on my jrIDE system. The programs load some code and leave that code memory resident, allowing the BASIC programs to use that code. But there is something not quite right with the fix-up that is done to make Cartridge BASIC usable on an enhanced system so the programs give an "Overflow error" when trying to force the BASIC interpreter to do garbage collection. You can always expect IBM to engineer something overly complicated.)
Created July 2nd
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