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5.25" Gotek enclosure

Postby HummingGames » Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:37 pm

Hello all,

I'm new on this forum.... probably one of the not so many PCjr owners in Europe. I bought my PCjr a couple of years ago from eBay but never got around doing much with it. I found a lot of useful information on this forum so great thanks to everyone posting here! I wanted to share my experience with modifying and installing a Gotek on my PCjr.

Recently I started fixing it up... broken PSU replaced with a pico ATX psu because I was not getting 12V. After that was fixed the magic smoke came out of the floppy drive.
I also bought a JR-IDE from Texelec and a cheap IDE CF reader but I wasn't able to get a boot sector installed without a floppy drive.

I had a couple of Gotek's laying around and read that it would also work on the PCjr. Getting it to work was quite straight forward. Flashed it with Flashfloppy and connected it with a straight FDD cable (I had to untwist the twist).

Since I have a 3D printer I didn't just want to put it in a standard 5.25" to 3.5" bracket and designed an enclosure for the Gotek. It has an OLED display build in and the lever now acts as selection lever for the Gotek (twist left for back, right for forward, push for select). I posted the design on Thingiverse:

With the Gotek I was able to get a DOS 5.0 256mb partition working on my CF card. Now I find it great to load PC booter disk images. I have to admit that the OLED screen is a bit tiny. I set the FF.CFG to display the selected image name on 2 lines so it is easier to read.

Greetings from the Netherlands, Erik
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