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Key Tronic keyboard

Postby Vorticon » Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:12 pm

I was lucky enough to grab a Key Tronic KB5151 full size keyboard on Ebay, but I had forgotten how big XT keyboards were! To tell you the truth it kind of defeats the compact philosophy of the Jr, and the main reason I jumped at the opportunity to purchase that keyboard was to be able to play FS3 comfortably. Otherwise, the standard Jr keyboard fits my needs 99% of the time.
The other thing I realized was although the whole thing is made of metal and looks like it was expected to survive a nuclear blast, when I opened it up to clean it I found out that cheap foam pads supported the key contacts, and already several of them were losing their volume and kind of crumbling away. Therefore, some of the keys needed a hard press to register, and I suspect that within a year or two they will stop working altogether. I experimented with using a foam strip I normally use to cushion the wings of RC planes and it seemed to work, but one has to save and reuse the thin metal film covering the foam because standard aluminum foil caused erratic key registration... I just can't imagine replacing the foam pads on all 101 keys though!
Overall a fun keyboard but not terribly practical from a footprint standpoint.

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