Tandy 1000TX RAM upgrade?

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Tandy 1000TX RAM upgrade?

Postby CommodoreJohn » Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:23 pm

So I've picked up a Tandy 1000TX from the recycle center, and after a little TLC, it's working quite nicely. It's got the standard 640KB of RAM, which is nice, but looking over the documentation in Tandy's archives, I discovered that the video generator appropriates a chunk of that RAM for its own use, and that the computer can be upgraded to give the video its own dedicated RAM and leave the CPU with a full complement of conventional memory.

Problem is, the archived Tandy documentation is written from a "all you need to do is buy our kit" perspective, and I'm guessing that kit hasn't been available for a good 15 years or so. What I can gather is that the upgrade consists of filling the four empty sockets in the RAM area with 64K x 4 DRAM chips, which is simple enough - assuming I can get ahold of the DRAM chips, which are never actually identified by anything other than capacity and speed.

I'm hazarding a guess that they're bog-standard memory chips, likely these 41464 DRAMs, which are fast enough and cheap enough to where I don't mind blowing a few bucks finding out, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone had any more concrete information on this, especially on any hazards posed by my experimenting - assuming my basic ability to put the chips in the sockets the right way round, is there any chance of my damaging anything other than the chips if they turn out to not be the right ones?
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