PCjr Parallel SCSI adapters.

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PCjr Parallel SCSI adapters.

Postby hexsane » Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:33 pm

My SCSI adapter is a 'Bridge-888' which is based on the Shuttle EPST chipset. There is one on eBay right now but it's close to $45 including shipping, which is outrageous. It is a very good adapter though - the best I have ever seen for a parallel port. It includes an external wall-wart power adapter so that it can provide termination power to devices on it's own, which is important for a lot of older peripherals.

If you find anything with the EPST or EPSA chipset, you are fine. Shuttle did some of the best chipsets.

The one I have on the way is supposed to be Shuttle based. Snagged it for < $20 from eBay.

I normally use a SCSI hard drive and a CD-ROM on my machine. A SCSI Zip drive works well but Zip in general is just a giant floppy that you can't format, so it's a problem waiting to happen. Which MO drive were you going to try to use? No matter what you use, try the ASPI drive that comes with your adapter and ASPIHDRM from the Adaptec ASPI drivers. (I think I've got the name right - whatever the removable storage driver is, that's the one you want.) I've found compatibility to be very good with that driver across a wide range of devices. The EPST drivers work well too.


I've been pulling things out of storage and am totally dismayed at the amount of media degradation. But my MO disks from the mid 1990's are still solid. I have source code stored on EZ135 cartridges for games I wrote for Softdisk that I am trying to piece back together. I wish I would have committed it to CD or MO back then but I guess I was to busy with other projects at the time.

Because of the above I have been spending a lot of time transferring things to MO and have purchased several MO drives from eBay for use on a number of different computers so I have options if one doesn't work. I'm sticking with the 3.5" format as the newer drives are still backwards compatible with 128MB disks. I'm very familiar with SCSI and ASPI drivers so that much I have under control. My concern what getting a controller that didn't work to well with the Jr.

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