Booster Clock Battery Solution

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Booster Clock Battery Solution

Postby jmetal88 » Fri May 13, 2011 3:47 pm

Just a random tip. Remove the original battery and desolder its connector. Solder in a standard AA holder and secure it in place however you like. Put in one of these batteries:

Note: I haven't tested that particular battery, but I have determined that the clock chip will keep time with 3v applied, and considering the original battery was 4.5v, this 3.6v battery should be a safe bet. :)

Also, if you don't mind the clock losing time (on the order of a few minutes a day), you can just use a standard AA. 1.5v seems like it's just barely enough to keep the chip running.

EDIT: This store has cheaper shipping:

EDIT 2: Also, Radio Shack carries an equivalent: ... d=10999990
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