Deep cleaning a QUME floppy drive

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Deep cleaning a QUME floppy drive

Postby Trixter » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:39 pm

I did the usual clean-and-lube-the-rails procedure on one of my drives but it was still getting stuck at track 0. Rather than steal a drive from somewhere, I decided to settle down for an hour and fix it by taking it nearly completely apart and giving it a once over. With the circuit board removed, getting at the shorter drive rail was now easy, but after cleaning both rails it was still sticky in a few places!

It turns out that gunk likes to hide in the small space between the longer drive rail and the black plastic sled that rides along it. I didn't want to take the metal/rails apart because I was afraid I was going to screw up the alignment and bork the drive for good, so I found I could take a piece of thick paper, fold it in half, and force it between the sled and the rail, and then with needlenose pliers gently pull it through, effectively "flossing" between the sled and the rail. I pulled out gunk for nearly half an hour doing this (all yellow and quite sticky).

I hope the above is useful to someone, but unfortunately I still have a lingering problem: The spindle is very hard to turn until it has been "worked" for 30 seconds. I couldn't find a way to take the spindle apart in two halves, and I couldn't (accurately) get lube down to the axle, so my ad-hoc solution has been to run SCRUB.COM before I want to use the drive, which runs the heads back and forth for 40 seconds (meant for use with cleaning disks) while the motor spins. This will eventually get the spindle spinning all the way up at the right speed so that the drive is usable. Is there a real solution for this, or should I just keep working the spindle from time to time and hope it gets better? I'm worried the belt will wear out due to the friction.
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