Original of MPNP diag code?

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Original of MPNP diag code?

Postby Trixter » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:29 am

I was curious if anyone had more information on the MPNP code for the disk test. Why was it four characters+enter instead of just one or two? Why "MPNP" -- what does it stand for? (I can come up with some silly examples like "My Problem? No Problem!" but would like facts :) Likely a pair of programmer's initials, but whose?

(I'd go looking in the source in the tech ref, except the diagnostic source is NOT part of that listing. (Neither is the Keyboard Caper mini-hello.) I'll likely have to disassemble the ROM. The source listing shows that diags are at offset 4000h and keyboardcaper are at 2000h but the source listing shows code there so I'll have to determine what the code segment is when those jumps are made.)
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