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Re: I've killed my jride

Postby MikeModified » Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:54 pm

Update: I got the new ide adapter and it didn't work. I put everything aside until I had some time to play with it.

After I ended up with the Racore unit, I got to wondering if the jride would work with the two-drive unit if I pulled the expansion memory board out of it. Eventually, I did and it does. Curiosity satisfied. But then, maybe this set up would recognize the CF card and give me a hard disk. Well, it didn't. But wait! I have another CF card for a set-up for a TRS-80 Model I. It sort of worked with the new adapter and not at all with the old adapter.

So throwing good money after bad, I went out and bought a third CF card. It worked in both adapters!?? All of this with the board simply plugged in, hanging loose. So I pulled it out, put it into an empty sidecar and screwed it down. It didn't work. Loosened the screws; it worked. Tightened two; it worked. Tightened four; no worky. Pulled it out and examined everything. No bent pins, nothing out of the ordinary. So I plugged it in again; it felt funny going in. Pulled it & plugged it in again, funny again, but different.

Time to stop and get a new AMP connector from Jim. I got it and installed it and everything works perfectly (both adapters work with both CF cards). Go figure.

Score: two good IDE adapters, two good CF cards (SanDisk & Lexar) and one (apparently) dead one (Kingston); one broken AMP connector.

Thanks for all of the help, guys! Onward for more questions. :lol:

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