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PC to Jr Joystick Adapter

Postby GHiero » Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:48 pm

I am interested in making an adapter that allows PC joysticks to work in a PCjr. Fortunately the sticks work exactly the same, so you only need to match DA-15 pins to the 2x4 arrangement of the PCjr. pins. Here is how to do it :

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1  - A4 +5v
2  - B2 X-axis
3  - B4 Button 1

5  - A2 Ground
6  - A3 Y-axis
7  - B3 Button 2

A1 is keyplug

Female DA-15 connectors are easy to come by, but is there any source for the plug the PCjr. devices use or a functional equivalent? Hopefully keyed! I would note that it could be very bad to insert this plug into your PCjr upside down because you have connected the +5v pin at A4 to the shield ground pin at B1.
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