Compact Printer, cleaned and working..

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Compact Printer, cleaned and working..

Postby Chuckphd53 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:03 pm

Got a compact printer from Ebay.
Not sure why folks selling things cant wipe the dust off them before they ship....

Anyway, this one was filthy, dirt, grime, hair, cat, dog , girlfriend, who knows.

It did come with a roll of paper.
Plugged it in, held the FormFeed key down while power up to put into test mode, and the head went back and forth
printing but did not do the line advance....’

Tore the entire unit apart, luciky the inside was kinda clean, needed to clean the pinch rollers and the print head.
Blew out the inside dust, and started on the ouside case.
I had a bottle of Fabulosa cleaner from Homedepot on hand and decided to try it with a light scrubbing pad.
worked great, Also cleaned all the cracks and nooks with alcohol and paper towels.

put it all back together and gave a test run, wrote a quick basic program on the Jr. serial port, Com1,1200,8,n,1

as you can see it works great, and looks like new....
Had one 30 yrs ago and have a great new unit once more....

what do you think????
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