I suppose I should introduce myself.

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I suppose I should introduce myself.

Postby DarkStar2032 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 6:30 pm

DarkStar2032 coming from the northwoods of Minnesota.

The IBM PCjr was my first computer.
Don't get too excited, this was like 1995.
And I only had a black and white TV for a monitor.
We were quite poor.

I still have it and it still works after all this time. For as shortsighted as big blue can be they rarely seem to slouch in the quality department.
But I won't allow it to sit idle.
I have this philosophy about antiques. If I own it, it better work and do work, even if that's just playing games. Other wise they belong in a museum.
No decorative antiques.

Along with peanut, I also have a Power Macintosh 5200-225, an Apple //e, an Apple][gs, and an IBM ps/2 model30 286(Work in Progress)
Someone once asked me why I collect and repair old computers when modern computer can do everything they can plus so much more.
Probably the same reason guys restore and drive Ford Model T's or antique tractors.

Honestly half the fun I get is Hot-rodding these machines to their maximum capability. and judging buy how popular the jrIDE is, I must not be alone.
Hi-ho, KERMIT the computer file transfer/management protocol here.
And welcome to NULL MODEM Street.
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Re: I suppose I should introduce myself.

Postby Brutman » Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:31 pm

Nothing makes me more sad than a machine that never gets turned on or leave it's box. My machines get used. The main PCjr that I do all of my experimenting on has been continuously abused for about 12 years now.

The jrIDE is less about hot-rodding the machine and more about making it functional and useful. Floppy disks are slow and a pain in the rear. For a while I was using Zip drives as a form of mass storage, and even through the parallel port they were a major upgrade. (Side note: I highly recommend paying for the PalmZip driver.) I've used all sorts of parallel-port attached storage too. The big breakthrough was getting the original XT-IDE card to run and boot from a hard drive on the PCjr; that made me so excited. The Alan came along and designed the ultimate jr add-on.

I lived in southeastern MN for 22 years. It was cold in the winter, but it was a great place to live.
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