A new PCjr owner who *wishes* he got it from Computer Reset

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A new PCjr owner who *wishes* he got it from Computer Reset

Postby shamanjoe » Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:57 pm

Hi all, My name is Scott, and I'm just getting into the PCjr. I had one as a kid, but we never had any software for it, so I basically played with the keyboard test and the colour display tests. I'm actually pretty sad that the machine disappeared between then and now. I did however get a new (to me) PCjr off of craigslist a couple years ago, and I've finally had the time recently to start playing around with it. It's a 128k system with the matching monitor and the replacement keyboard. I also got some software and manuals with it.

It's in pieces right now, as a couple of the video pins were broken off when I got it, and I'm attempting to fix it, but I know it works with the monitor and the composite out video. I'm really interesting in getting it all set up and working so I can put a bunch of old-school edutainment software on it for my kids. Anyways, glad to see the forum is alive and kicking, and I look forward to chatting with everyone.
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