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Postby strollin » Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:57 am

I worked for IBM in the 80's when the PCjr was discontinued and IBM had a firesale of the little machines. Employees could purchase as many of them as desired for friends and family. I approached my sister to see if she wanted to buy one for her family. She did and also rounded up a number of friends, if I remember correctly I purchased 7 of them, none for me.

I ended up becoming the support tech for all of these machines. I modified many of the 128k sidecars to 512k and added 2nd floppy drives to a number of them. I also customized config.sys and autoexec.bat files to be able to run games and other applications.

About 12 years ago one of these original PCjrs was given back to me. I put it away and haven't even booted it since then. I recently pulled it out to play with it and discovered that the power supply brick is missing, anybody know of a source for it or the specs for it as well as the pinouts for the power plug? If I can't find a way to power it up, I may have some PCjr parts available!
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