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Hi from David

Postby mcsew2k » Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:18 am

My name is David and I am a PCjr owner; actually I own two, maybe three. I originally bought my first one in Reno, Nevada from a ComputerCraft store. It was the Enhanced model with the 128KB RAM and a floppy disk drive. At first, I used a RF TV connector on a small color TV set as the display. It came with DOS 2.1 and four games; Jumpman, Touchdown Football, PC Pool Challenges, and Trivia 101 The Introductory Course. As I recall, it was about $800. My first add-on was a connector for the cassette recorder because I could not load or save BASIC programs onto floppies using the built-in basic. I next bought the PCjr version of Andrew Tobias Managing Your Money and discovered that I couldn't see anything on a TV; so I bought the PCjr Color Display. At sometime my cassette recorder broke down so I went out and got the Cartridge BASIC which allowed me to save to floppies. Then a week after the 1-year warranty was up, disaster struck; my wife put a plant on a shelf above the PCjr and proceeded to overwater it; water made its way into the computer and ruined the motherboard. The quote to fix it was about $500. As I turned away to walk out with my broken computer, a clearance display caught my eye. It was a 64KB model they were selling for $50. I bought that and put my memory and floppy drive in it and I was back in business. Somewhere along the line I added the 300bps modem and started logging into Compuserve. I then got pretty serious and purchased a Racore 10MB hard disk add-on with 384KB memory upgrade. It worked awesome for a while until it developed a bad track zero and ceased to function. Luckily, it was still under warranty and I had it replaced. Then, after almost three years of owning a computer without a printer, I picked up an Epson LX-80. I used that setup for several years with Lotus 123, Wordperfect, Quattro Pro, and Harvard Project Manager. After upgrading to a used IBM PC 5150 (I moved the 10 MB hard drive into that), I packed away the PCjr. As time went on I would buy PCjr parts whenever I would see them at a liquidation sale or swap meet.
Two weeks ago I started setting up the PCjr just for fun. So far I have booted up the 128K base unit along with a 128KB sidecar I bought cheap, but I discovered that the display is dead so I am using a TV (straight out of the composite connector this time) and shopping around for a replacement. I have played with BASIC programming and saving and loading using a cassette recorder (that I just bought on eBay for $18); makes me feel young again...
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Re: Hi from David

Postby Vorticon » Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:55 pm

Hello David and welcome :)

I myself am only a newcomer to the PCJr. My first computer was a TI 99/4A, and then I moved straight to an IBM PC clone when I started med school circa 1986 (it was my "reward" for making it into med school, courtesy of my parents). I acquired a PCJr on a whim a couple of years ago because I always liked its compact form factor and also because I always dreamed of owning one back when I had the TI. Thanks to this great forum and Mike's help, I managed to upgrade the memory to the full 640K, add an RTC clock, add an additional parallel port sidecar, change the CPU to the V20, and make the Tandy graphics and sound modifications. I also added a parallel Zip drive, which essentially acts like a slow hard drive, which allowed me to install a variety of software like the GEM OS and a multitude of games. With Mike's TCP suite, I can now telnet and ftp into BBS'es and other systems as well.
The PCJR now has a permanent place next to my modern desktop to which I frequently connect to via FTP to transfer files through my home network, and I practically use it almost daily, although my wife still thinks its just a piece of junk cluttering our home library (sigh...).

I wonder how others here came to the PCJr...
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Re: Hi from David

Postby Brutman » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:23 pm

Hi David ...

Welcome aboard!

I've been kind of quiet lately on the forum - I have too many things going on both in vintage computer land and in real life. My current PCjr project is working on the BIOS for the new IDE sidecar that Alan has developed. I've also adapted the XT-IDE card BIOS to work on the Jr and I have spent the last six years on and off developing a TCP/IP stack and applications that run well on the PCjr. (Get yourself a Xircom PE3-10BT Ethernet adapter and go online with the PCjr!)

In 1.5 years we are going to be looking at the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the PCjr. Time flies ...

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