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Hello from another crazy Canuck

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:56 am
by crustyasp
First off, I would like to say, great forum, and great site of information and knowledge.

First computer: Timex/Sinclair 1000, bought at the sunset of their heyday. Possess 2, still use and enjoy. Neither my original.
Then went on to Adam, wasted too many hours playing Zaxxon, still use and enjoy.
I then went to various desktops and did not use them much, kids used them more than I. Was too busy with real life to enjoy my interest in technology.

Got back into technology, when the grandkids started to come around and squabbling over whos turn it was to use the Playstation. Started to go to yardsales and picking up old game consoles and games figuring the younger ones could enjoy the older simpler games. ( failure ) It seems the older ones spent more time on the retro consoles than the younger ones. It did stop the squabbling. The collecting kinda got out of hand though.

My interest and collecting of old computers started by accident. My wife when I met her was doing daycare, and I gave her the Adam for the kids to use. One of the boys, quite a few years later contacted me. He was working construction and was renovating the old Consumer Distributing building and he contacted me asking me if I was interested in an Adam computer. There was one still in the store, boxed, but looked rough, and would be tossed in a dumpster if I was not interested. Took it, and my crazy journey of collecting vintage computers started.

PCjr and others story:

Started modestly, just picking one up here and there when it piqued my interest. Got out of hand this spring when I responded to a Kijiji ad for Hundreds of vintage computers, that had to go as a lot, farm sold. No price given, I asked for a figure, $2500 was the response. I could not afford it and replied with that fact. I had thought that would be the case, my responding was more curiosity than anything. About 2-3 weeks later I received an email from the guy saying to check his Kijiji ad again. I did, the ad now said $400 for the lot. I immediately emailed and said if tomorrow was good for him I would be there. Tomorrow was good, I went and bought the lot. Loaded truck with what I could, made arrangements togo back on the Saturday with a UHaul to bring the rest home.

I ended up with a large assortment of IBMs (four PCjrs) and many other makes and models. The PCjrs have sidecars, One having a computer sized hosing on top, with a double height sidecar on the end. I have other peripherals in boxes, and am unsure of manuals and software.

To try to get one of each item running, tweaked to the maximum of each ones capability. Trade, dicker extra for items I may need/want to acomplish my goal.

I am in the process of renovating my old summer kitchen into “ The Boys Toys Room “ and hopefully by the new year the fun and I am sure sometimes frustrating time can begin. I am sure not a computer geek, and spend a lot of time searching the web for info on the systems I have. Glad to have found this site lots of great info, and good stuff on the forum.

Thanks for accepting me to your PCjr world. crustyasp

Re: Hello from another crazy Canuck

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 10:58 am
by Vorticon
You must have a very understanding wife :)

Re: Hello from another crazy Canuck

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:16 pm
by crustyasp
Vorticon wrote:You must have a very understanding wife :)

Very much so, and she collects also, oil lamps, pitchers and basins, and thunderbuckets... yuck. :)