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Greetings from the not-as-frozen-as-you North!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 11:24 pm
by jrAlaskan
First, I must apologize to Mike: I expressed some urgency trying to get access here. That malicious imp Murphy was watching and resorted my schedule & priorities. Sorry, Mike.
I am (was) a PCjr fan from shortly after their intro into the mid 1990s. Living in Anchorage, Alaska, we got everything at least 2 weeks later than the "Lower 48", had trouble getting IBM to accept our currency & went to great expense wiring our igloos. I had been "into" computers & electronics since tubes & relays, so adding the jr to our stable (MITS, Apple2, 16k PC, Sinclair ZX80/81, Cromemco) was easy - just blame the kids! Got the whole setup (box, monitor, graphics printer, mouse, several programs/games & manuals) with wife's teacher's discount. It was, as you know, cheaper than everything but the Sinclair; even so was still gut-wrenchingly pricey (and not tax deductible). A great machine to experiment with as the Tech Manual was very good. Couldn't make permanent changes as wife insisted that the kids get use it once in a while. IBM gave up (in reality they gave up before the intro-kids don't buy mainframes). The word had gotten out that I could modify, fix or take jrs. I ended up with lots of orphans - some in poor shape, some like new. Modified a couple to work as data loggers (it was really important to have a record of how cold it was every 10 minutes of every day) & a security system monitor. The security system ran 24/7 for over 8 years without problems. Turned it off to switch to an X-10 setup with video, etc. We are looking to move later and must clear out my collection of classic. valuable & useful computer gear, including jr stuff. (She Who Must Be Obeyed has a different term for my stuff). With permission, I will be posting items to give away. I may ask for postage if it exceeds my (secret) limit. It gladdens the heart to know some people still enjoy hacking at stuff. I quit when I couldn't even see the blasted surface mount stuff, let alone unsolder it.

Re: Greetings from the not-as-frozen-as-you North!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:51 am
by geoffdaddy
Welcome! Sounds like you amassed quite a collection and got to play with some cool gear back in the day. And thanks for posting the stuff! Most of my experience in computers starts with the Sinclair 1000 and on up from there. My Dad was a big computer nut back then and usually would bring home a machine from time to time as budget would permit, so I got to try a variety of stuff out in my formative years. The PCjr was never one of them but last year I traded into one: traded a working TRS-80 Model III and wide carriage printer. Value-wise I'm not sure that was the best trade for a straight trade, but I was always a little curious of the PCjr, and I previously had a Tandy 1000HX which whet my appetite.