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Greeting from New Jersey

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:04 am
by Corey986
Some of you I may know from the Vintage Computer Forums, to you guys... Hi

To everyone else, let me introduce myself...

My name is Corey and I'm a vintage computer junkie. I guess you could say this is my midlife crisis. My wife does...At least this is cheaper than my collectible car hobby where I learned a lot of my cosmetic restoration skills.

Anyway, I am a member of MARCH, Mid Atlantic Retro Computer Hobbyists and am the guy who usually gives tours of the Vintage Computers for them when schools visit the museum at the InfoAge science center in Wall NJ. I'm also the guy who makes many of the crazy plexiglass vintage computer cases and covers you might find on the internet. One of my hobbies is plexiglass bending with a blowtorch. I'm also a moderator or the Retorestore group on yahoo.

The PCjr is my first IBM vintage machine and in fact is my first post 1980 vintage machine. For example besides being an Apple-1 nut, and crazy enough to rewire 100's of wires in my rev-0 Altair, I'm crazy for Processor Technology and Scelbi, two pioneers in personal computer history who due to bad luck are not names we remember causally today. For example right now I'm in the middle of building a date correct 1973 uart board for my scelbi to avoid bit banging serial and refinishing the paint and splatter coat on my Helios II disk system for my Sol-20. In fact I think it was getting the Helios up and running and booting into CP/M (and not just PTDOS) that got me interested in getting a PCjr. The early commands in CP/M 1.4 got me thinking about the early days of DOS. Since I wasn't going to get an early PC to do lotus or word star, the natural progression was to get the first IBM PC that could actually play a game. Also the size of the PCjr and the wireless keyboard kinda got me. I can put it on my shelf in my office and use it without taking valuable space on the cabinets that something like a 70lb Helios disk system uses up. Plus the ability to hook up to a TV is great.

Learning more about the Jr also has me rethinking the layout of our home computer room at the museum to include the Jr. It will be part of a new layout I'm working on and hopefully I can setup a decent automated demo. One thing about our museum is that we strive to display machines on and doing something and not just a static display of the machine.

So thanks for letting me into the PCjr club and please don't mind my questions if they seem strange or weird. I'm not 100% up to speed on all this post 1980 technology. But if anyone wants to know how to jam instructions into an 8008 CPU, I'm your guy.


Re: Greeting from New Jersey

PostPosted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 2:01 am
by Eric
Awesome! It's cool to see you here. I've seen you around the Vintage Computer Forums, but we've never really made any communication considering the fact that I don't actively post around there.