Hello from Fort Worth, TX

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Hello from Fort Worth, TX

Postby AmazingJeeves » Tue Mar 03, 2020 6:10 am

Hello, all -- I'm new to owning a PCjr; it's been in the box for some time, although tested and working when I bought it. I'm in the process of getting settled in a new house, as well as setting up a workbench so I can teach myself some of the things I want to learn about working with retro computers: soldering, "retro-brite," replacing capacitors, etc. My goal for this PCjr is to add an expansion chassy and a second floppy drive, as well as a jr-IDE sidecar -- buying one if & when they're available to purchase, or else building my own.

I'd be interested in hearing from any other users in north Texas who are interested in PCjr modding, who've had luck finding PCjr parts or accessories for sale around DFW (other than the hallowed ground of Computer Reset :)).

Good to meet you all,
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