Enjoying my PCJr experience

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Enjoying my PCJr experience

Postby genetoye » Sat May 16, 2020 12:35 pm

I've been involved with IBM PC since the beginning (as well as TRS-80 from the 70s and Commodore 64 as well) but never touched a PCJr back in the 80s. I obtained several PCJr and a variety of accessories last year at the Computer Reset Liquidation sales last year here in Dallas and have enjoyed reliving my DOS days. I've added a modern jr-Ide which has really made the experience more like my time with PCs back then. The prize from CR was a new in-box (never opened) PCJr that I am preserving in the unopened state.

I also have used PCJr as an excuse to work on some microcontroller projects. I have designed and implemented a AT/PS2 keyboard to PCJr adapter based on an ATMEGA8. It is similar in concept to the Racore adapter from the Jr days but works with AT style keyboards with the 5 pin din or 6 pin mini-din (ps2) connectors. The Racore adapter only works with the original XT keyboards. I hope to have it on ebay soon.

As a final note, I finally tracked down the disk images for the PC port of M.U.L.E. so I could run it on the Jr and compare to my C64.

Gene T.
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