IBM PCjr in Wall Street Journal On IBM 100th Anniversary!

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IBM PCjr in Wall Street Journal On IBM 100th Anniversary!

Postby balsino » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:49 pm

Last Thursday, June 16, 2011, was IBM's 100th Anniversary. So what's that have to do with PCjr? IBM took a 4 page ad celebrating its 100 years in the Wall Street Journal, and in the center of the 2 page center spread was a classic color photo of the PCjr! The photo was sandwiched between "NOBODY’S TRACK RECORD IS PERFECT. IBM’S 100 YEARS HAVE SEEN THEIR FAIR SHARE OF MISSES." and "We predicted the IBM PCjr would be a huge success. It was not." It was great to see a photo of good ole PCjr in the news. I was at the airport on my vacation, on my way to a U2 concert in Anaheim, and it was cool to see PCjr prominently mentioned in IBM history. They had a science fair of old IBM computers at IBM Tucson that day, and I would have loved to show off one of my PCjrs, but I had travel plans.

Here is the link to download the ad: ... ad/228202/

I tried uploading the file but at 1,415 KB size it was rejected. Hope others think this is cool. :D
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