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Postby Brutman » Sat Oct 04, 2014 9:42 am

We have a lot more people registered compared to when this thread was started. It is still quiet, but since that time we've also managed to do a wicked cool new sidecar and I've turned a PCjr into a real web server. Quite a few other people have found this place and re-awoken their machines from long slumbers. So it is quiet, but far from dead.

I've been pressed for time for the last 1.5 years now ... I relocated quite far away and started a new job. It's hard to find the time to do things; just keeping up with email is a chore. I still have quite the to-do list for the jrIDE, including getting the source code for the BIOS published, adding clock support to the BIOS, and making use of the additional flash memory. Alan is already pushing for another round of hardware including WiFi which is good but that also takes time.

Jim is programming. I know there is a keyboard protocol converter project in the works. What other things are people doing with their machines? (Don't be shy - it doesn't have to be a change the world type project. Even just getting a machine dusted off and working again takes some work.)
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