Orchestra Trumpet Monitor.

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Orchestra Trumpet Monitor.

Postby Eric » Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:17 pm

This may be a thread that is more suitable for the VCF, but since I'm not a member there, I'll post this here.

I have a monitor I got my hands on over nine years ago that has been stored away most of the time I owned it to some issues, but its simple form has always been attractive to me, so I kept it around until I decided to repair it.


It seems to be a pretty obscure model that I cannot locate any documantation for and the name just doesn't help with search engines! Pfft! Orchestra Trumpet.

The first issue is that there was a break in the vga cable's green wire, so I cut it down and soldered on a metal hooded DE-15 connector.


I kept the stock ferrite bead on the cable, but had to remove it from the casing.

After fixing that and getting the green signal back, I noticed that the convergence was way off, purity was slightly off and that it needed to be degaussed pretty badly, so I grew some balls and took care of those problems.

After reapiring it and giving it a bit of a bath and removing the annoying swivel stand, I now have a pretty nice beige&boxy VGA CRT monitor for my dedicated MS-DoS 6.22 rig.


I think it's a pretty nice display.
Have any of you used or even seen one of these? Mine came from a high school, so I'm sure they're not uncommon, but…

Oh! And here's some pictures of the old connector I butchered. It might be a good reference for anyone who needs it.

And before I forget, it has a chunghwa eia577 CRT, but I didn't get any pictures of the inside of the monitor. Oops.
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