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Postby Fidoman82 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 1:57 pm

In lieu of cluttering up the board.... I am going to use this thread for anyone who cares to keep up with my adventures into re-creating a Jr for my daughter and future grandchild one day.

Jr1 (8088 256k IBM sidecar) working
Jr2 (v20 256 k IBM Sidecar) ariving soon

Had a lovely day going thru old 360k's I had in the basement. Most are Track 0 errors but I do have IBM dos 2.1 .Ran some Basica programs on the Supplement disk and looked at some basic code. Basic was my first language starting a 25 year programming career so a am a BIG fan of the Jr. I got my first got in the early 80's. Built a AMD Ryzen 5 few months back. What a long strange trip its been. I have a 5.25 working in an older win7 machine for archiving ISO files later. I will post here any games, utils etc I find useful for sharing. Thanks Group.
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