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Nerd T-shirts!

Postby Brutman » Wed Apr 22, 2020 8:23 pm

I organize Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest here in Seattle. The first year it was held was 2018 and we had a great time. In 2019 we did it again. In 2020 ... it was cancelled two weeks before it would have been held with about 98% of the pre-work already done. It stung, but oh well, a pandemic is a great reason to cancel.

However, I ordered 205 t-shirts from a small silk screening shop in Portland. I still have about 130 of them, so here is your chance to own a beautiful piece of nerd apparel. Here is the front artwork:


And the back ( ... scaled.jpg) has a hidden homage to the PCjr - the caterpillar about to eat "" comes directly from "Exploring the PCjr"; it is in the DOS section and the lesson is "Accidents will happen". The caterpillar munching on a floppy disk is one of my favorite gags.

The shirts are $20 + shipping and are available in either CRT Green or CRT Amber. If you are interested the details on how to order are at I guarantee you that you will be the only person in your neighborhood with such a cool shirt. At least until somebody else buys one because they are jealous ...
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