Civilization (and a few other games)

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Civilization (and a few other games)

Postby RiverBoa99 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 11:29 pm

So I've been attempting to push as many of favorite DOS games through my PCjr, and I've found some great success with the LucasArts Adventure games, much of the Sharedata versions of TV game shows, and all the King's Quest games. I've even been able to get Sid Meier's Pirates! to work with a Tandy Mod installed and a jrIDE.

I've been trying to get Civilization to load, but it hangs after I select my video and sound options. It has an option for Tandy 1000, and PC or Tandy Sound, but it just will not make it past that point.

Supposedly, all it takes is an IBM PC with 640k ram. Is there something I might be missing?

On a separate note, I can't get a game called Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain to recognize keyboard commands. It'll load just with the command line Tandy modifier, but it makes the keyboard screech if I try anything. If anyone has any solution-related insight on that one, I'd be happy to hear it. It's the same in the 100,000 Pyramid game. Game loads, keyboard doesn't work.
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