Zeliard - Keyboard problem?

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Zeliard - Keyboard problem?

Postby jmetal88 » Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:53 pm

So, I stumbled across an awesome looking game called Zeliard today, and I found out that it (mostly) runs on the PCjr (Tandy modded, I'm not sure it will run without that).

One major problem that makes it unenjoyable: For some reason, when I press F7 to bring up the dialog to load a saved game, the game acts as if F7 is stuck down from there on in. By this I mean as soon as a saved game is loaded or I decline to load a saved game, the dialog pops up again! This happens over and over, and the only way to exit the game after this seems to be to reboot the computer.

Anyway, I guess I want to know, was anything ever released for the PCjr that was intended to fix this kind of problem? Or is there some way of patching programs that have this kind of issue with the keyboard (if it is indeed a keyboard related issue)?
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