DOS 2.1 on jrIDE - Any Benefit?

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DOS 2.1 on jrIDE - Any Benefit?

Postby GHiero » Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:00 pm

If you were to use PC-DOS 2.1 with the jrIDE, would there be any benefit besides less lower conventional memory used compared to DOS 3.3? The less conventional memory used is not that great a benefit, since DOS is loaded in the slow system board memory, whereas programs run in the fast jrIDE memory. Although DOS 2.1 uses about 360KB less hard drive space than 3.3, this is really miniscule when dealing with a hard drive. There is a major drawback in the 15MB partition size of DOS 2.x versus the 32MB primary and 736MB extended partition of DOS 3.3. DOS 3.3 shouldn't run any slower than 2.1, its BASIC should support the PCjr. enhancements (which may be solely due to the underlying Cartridge BASIC). DOS 3.3 also has very useful programs like XCOPY and ATTRIB.

Also, are you likely to encounter any difficulties or problems in formatting a 16MB Compact Flash Card or Disk on Module using DOS 2.x?
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Re: DOS 2.1 on jrIDE - Any Benefit?

Postby Trixter » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:30 pm

jrIDE solves the drive storage and memory problems, so there is absolutely no advantage whatsoever in running DOS 2.x UNLESS you have a piece of software that requires both DOS 2.x and the BASIC it comes with. I have run into two pieces of software that meet that condition, which is rare enough that I just boot a DOS 2.x disk to run them.
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