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Trouble Printing w/HomeWord

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:11 pm
by GHiero
I have acquired a copy of Sierra Online's word processor called HomeWord for the PCjr. I am trying to get it to print to my Compact Printer. I have the Internal Modem and Parallel Port installed in my system. The program explicitly supports printing to a serial printer, and the defaults seem designed specifically for the IBM Compact Printer :
Does the printer support Auto Linefeed? - No (should be yes)
Baud Rate = 1200
Parity = none
Stop Bits = 2
Data Bits = 8

Every time I tried, the program would print about two lines of the document and then complain that the printer was not ready, turned off or out of paper. I got it to work by tricking the program into thinking the printer was a parallel printer as follows :
mode lpt1:=com2:
mode com2: 1200,n,8,2,p

I think the program is confused by something else in my system, but I removed the internal modem and it did not help. Its not worth removing the parallel port attachment.