DOS Utility - TXZM (for ZMODEM)

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DOS Utility - TXZM (for ZMODEM)

Postby dpaden » Thu May 09, 2019 8:09 am

So I've been fighting with my parallel port Ethernet adapter for quite awhile. Not sure if the adapter is bad, or if the jr is too slow to keep up with modern technology. So in the meantime I needed a way to transfer files to my jr from my Linux box that didn't involve Ethernet...and also not 5.25" floppies.

In the past, I've used lrzsz for Linux (as well as minicom) to send and receive files via zmodem on a serial port. However, I needed a similar DOS utility small enough to fit on a 5.25" floppy so I could get it on my jr to receive files from my Linux server. There were a few utilities I found, but TXZM was the smallest, and I got it working today! I have made a NULL modem cable to connect the Jr. rear COM port (COM2 since I have the modem installed) to a USB-to-Serial adapter connected to my Linux box.

I had to mess with port settings a lot on the 2 boxes, but I am finally able to transfer files to the Jr. via serial port! I'm going to work on trying to improve the transfer speed...I need to transfer quite a few things over to get DOS to where I like it! At the moment it's running at 1200 baud...need to get it up to 4800 baud (don't need the keyboard during the transfer, LOL). Seems like I'm having some issue with hardware flow control...not sure why it seemed to be working sort of yesterday, but CTS/RTS flow control is definitely not working as expected at the moment (not sure if it's the Jr. or the Linux box), but I don't necessarily need flow control...

Anyway, TXZM can run as a mini terminal, but you can also use it directly to send/receive files via zmodem. It brings up a GUI-like screen to show transfer status.
Here's the website I originally found it at:
Here's the website I downloaded it from:

Maybe this will be helpful for others who need a serial transfer utility when you don't have DOS on the other side!
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