Looking for a very unique game involving betting etc.

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Looking for a very unique game involving betting etc.

Postby orangesherbet » Sat Apr 11, 2020 9:58 pm

I hope that I am posting in the right section, I am brand new to these forums.
OK here goes:
This game involved mostly text, some basic graphics.
The premise was to make as much money as you could before getting caught by the police (maybe?) I don't know how you would get a game over, but I think the game operated on a calendar like you would play day to day or week to week.
Your options for making money included (but not limited to) trading stocks, betting on horse races, hacking into people's bank accounts(I forget how this worked, but you would try to move money from people's accounts to your own). I don't think there were drugs involved in this at all- from what I remember. I just remember gambling on stocks, horse races, and the bank accounts.
I am almost positive that this game existed on the PCjr, I don't think it was Commodore 64, but I was quite young at the time, so I hope I'm not mistaken. Any clues or ideas are welcomed. Thank you!
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