jrconfig + dos 2.1 ?

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jrconfig + dos 2.1 ?

Postby adrianchadd » Sat May 29, 2021 11:36 pm

hi! here's something unexpected for me!

i upgraded/repaired a broken 128k ram sidecar to 512k so my jr now has 640k. i also whacked in a v20 cpu and socketed the clock generator and tandymod related ICs in preparation for future stuff.

i finally installed jrconfig to enable it for testing, and i got the following screen after boot. 'cls' just draws the yellow bars again. setting mode to co40/co80 is fine, it goes into normal text mode. running basic is /exciting/ with the extra ram enabled, but i can enable the different graphics modes fine.

Also, I ran topbench (it needs the extra RAM, it doesn't run on an unmodified 128k PCjr) and instead of bold text output, the UI text blinks during the benchmarking. is that .. expected on a pcjr? surely not? :-)

Any ideas? Is this something that others see, or do I have some digging to do?

oh, and I did run the diagnostics boot, and nothing odd shows up in the display testing.
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