25th Anniversary!

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25th Anniversary!

Postby Brutman » Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:31 am

The 25th anniversary of the PCjr Announcement is coming up on November 1st. This is the day that the 'Peanut' was revealed to the world as the PCjr. Quantity shipments did not start until early in 1984 .. IBM missed the X-mas selling season.

For a few years some of us were talking about 'The Ultimate 25th Anniversary Edition PCjr', including some much needed add-ons like a SCSI interface and Ethernet. Unfortunately there are not enough of us active and not enough hardware engineers, so it ain't happening for this anniversary. ;-0 But still, when you look back over the past eight years (when I posted the first version of 'Mike's PCjr Page') a lot has happened ..

  • Rediscovered the bi-directional parallel port modification and applied to the PCjr (Thanks Brian wherever you are!)
  • Developed an LPT2 modification for the PCjr parallel port sidecar
  • Discovered that with some experimenting parallel port IDE and SCSI devices work on the machine
  • Discovered that the Xircom PE3-10BT lives happily on the Jr (Thanks Jeff wherever you are!)
  • Created our own ISA card interface and debugged quite a bit of it (Matt C!)
  • Have done a lot of programming! (me - the TCP/IP project)
  • Have rediscovered and documented a lot of options for the machine
  • Scanned a lot of newsletters (Jim!), but we still have many more to do

I'm working on a simple telnet server using my TCP/IP stack that I'd like to have up and running before then. A telnet BBS would be nice, but I don't think that I can do a full blown BBS that quickly. The idea would be to let people telnet into the machine, poke around, and move on.

To demonstrate that they were actually on a PCjr I would provide a 'memory view' command that given an address shows the contents. One of the key memory addresses to show would be the BIOS date and machine ID byte from ROM. (I'd have to list the good addresses in the help text.) Other interesting things to show might be the contents of the BASIC cartridge, and let them 'page the sysop' by sending a command to the speech adapter. :-) Does anybody have other ideas?

How are you all celebrating? Are you going to do an all nighter of Kings Quest, Flight simulator, or what? :-)
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Re: 25th Anniversary!

Postby jason » Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:56 am

My goal is to get everything back up and running again the way it was when I first played around with it. :)

Maybe play some wings of fury or Thexder too. Kings Quest if I can make a new disk, my old one is not readable anymore.
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