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Postby Brutman » Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:45 pm

Not really PCjr related ...

Forum errors:

The forum had been running fine for years until a few weeks ago. My web hosting company is generally pretty good, but on this problem they are falling down hard. So every week or so the forum software will report connection reset, and every week I'll get them to recycle the server. They've offered to move my virtual machine to a server that doesn't have this problem but I don't have a lot of confidence and it's a lot of work for me, so I politely declined for now.

My availability:

I apologize for not being more available to participate, answer questions, etc. I've been preparing for a long distance relocation and a new job, and that has been all consuming for the last few months. In the end it will all work out well, but for now I'm in "submarine mode" keeping a low profile. Bear with me for a few more weeks ...

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