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The PCjr web server

Postby Brutman » Thu Jan 02, 2020 2:33 pm

I released a new mTCP yesterday, and just to add a little flourish I mirrored the mTCP web pages on my PCjr and am serving them from there as well as my regular host.

If you want to have a peek ... for the mTCP pages being served by a PCjr for the server status page

I'll leave it running for a few days.

The stats generated by the Status page are real-time. You will note that the BIOS date is June 1st, 1983, the machine ID is a PCjr, and it's running DOS 3.3. This particular machine is using a jrIDE for storage and a Western Digital WD8003WT Ethernet adapter. I could use a Xircom but the speed would be much slower.
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